Bringing Your Child to an Optometrist

Posted on: April 17, 2017

Making the decision to bring your child to an optometrist is easy for parents to put off due to busy schedules. In other cases, the idea that a child’s vision can be deteriorating at a young age is difficult for many parents to accept. It is also difficult to tell if a child is exaggerating the pain or if the child really does need to see an optometrist. If a child does not need eyeglasses, we will not recommend them because wearing glasses when it is unnecessary will actually harm their vision further.

We will only make this recommendation if the eye test proves that it is necessary. Additionally, we are very careful to make sure that none of our patients are using a prescription that is too strong since this will cause additional eyestrain and problems. Parents will have the confidence that bringing a child to our office will give the child the care he or she needs.

Benefits of visiting an optometrist

By visiting our office, we can help to treat a variety of vision issues and prevent a child’s vision from deteriorating further. If a condition remains untreated, it will only worsen and eventually lead to more serious health conditions. However, when we treat the issue early on and the child consistently wears glasses, the child’s vision can improve.

For any parent who has concerns about their child needing glasses for life, visiting us is the best way to ensure healthy vision. The best opportunity for a child’s vision to improve or at least stabilize is an appointment.

Children also benefit from seeing an optometrist because:

  • They will be able to see at school, helping to improve their learning and grades
  • Less of a chance that they will get into an accident or hurt due to poor vision
  • Ability to see the world around them clearly, rather than everything being a blur
  • Improved confidence that they know what they are seeing
  • Enhanced athletic ability due to better vision and depth perception

Glasses are better than ever

Glasses are not heavy and chunky like they used to be. Frames are much lighter and consist of modern materials that can be soft and flexible for increased comfort. Many children prefer these because they are easy to slip on and less likely to bend or break. Additionally, there are athletic glasses available now that make it easy to run around and play sports while having improved vision.

We find that many children actually enjoy getting glasses and picking out their first pair because it gives them a sense of empowerment. It is a major decision to choose what kind of glasses you will be wearing on a daily basis and allowing them to make that decision is beneficial for their confidence and the process.

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