What Happens During a Contact Lens Exam

Posted on: August 15, 2017

Contact Lens Exam

If you would like to improve your vision, call our clinic and schedule an appointment for a contact lens exam. Wearing contact lenses is an excellent way to begin to see the world around you clearly. With so many options and types of lenses choose from, there has never been a better time to take charge of your vision and your appearance through wearing contacts on a daily basis.

What happens in a contact lens exam

A contact lens must work to improve your vision but that is not the only thing that matters. They must also conform to the overall shape of your eye in order to fit correctly, be comfortable and solve your vision problems. This means that the science behind contacts is incredibly precise.

During an exam, we will conduct a standard vision test. This test typically involves reading the eye chart from a set distance and looking at various numbers and letters. Next, we measure the eye and take tests to determine the curvature of various portions of the eye. This is necessary for a contact lens fitting and helps ensure better results.

An important process

One device we use during that process is the keratometer, which measures the surface of the cornea. Computers can also be used to scan the eye and take accurate measurements by looking at the way light reflects off the surface of the eye. It is also necessary to determine the size of the pupil in relation to the eye overall. In total, these and other tests allow the optometrist to determine the size, shape, and curvature of the eye to ensure that the patient receives the right set of contact lenses.

During the examination, an optometrist will also make sure that the eyes produce enough tears for contacts to be comfortable. If they do not, contacts can become dry and begin to scratch and irritate the eye. This can be painful and also lead to eye damage. If someone does not produce enough tears naturally, it may be possible to still wear contacts with the use of prescription eye drops.

Types of contacts

Once the eye exam is complete, it will be time to discuss the different types of contact lenses that can be worn. There are so many types now that it provides a great level of flexibility in terms of lifestyle and budget. Many patients are opting to have contacts that can be worn around the clock. This makes it possible to see clearly regardless of what time of day it is and even when waking up in the morning.

Other patients prefer contacts that are removed and soaked on a nightly basis but tend to last for a longer period of time. All of this can be discussed during the examination.

Schedule an examination

Improve your vision today while also taking charge of your appearance and daily routine. You can do all of this by visiting our clinic for a contact lens exam and selecting the lenses that will work best for your lifestyle. While here, we can answer any additional questions you may have and ensure that you select a solution that will work best for your situation. Call today.