Signs You Need Prescription Glasses

Posted on: August 15, 2017

Prescription Glasses

If you have difficulty seeing as clearly as in the past, visit our clinic for an eye examination. You may benefit from wearing prescription glasses. Over time, the eyes change. With the number of electronic devices that people use on a daily basis, the decline in vision can happen even more rapidly than before. Thus, it is possible for people who have clear vision throughout their lifetime to suddenly begin seeing things in a more blurred manner.

Reasons to visit the eye doctor

Vision regression can happen at any age. Children as young as toddlers can sometimes require glasses where in other cases, people do not require them until around 30 to 40-years-old. With that in mind, it is important to pay attention to how things appear and visit our clinic when those changes become negative. Some signs that it is time to visit our clinic include:

  • The computer screen becomes blurry, making it necessary to increase the screen size or to zoom in constantly
  • Reading is more difficult because the print seems too small
  • It is hard to read what is written on a white or blackboard at school
  • Reading street signs becomes difficult or impossible while driving
  • Recognizing faces in a crowd or room becomes hard, including seeing someone’s facial expression
  • Reading the scoreboard at the game is difficult because it is too blurry
  • It is not possible to see things that others are pointing out

If any of these indications exist, schedule an appointment for an eye examination right away.

Prescription glasses for everyone

If during the eye examination, it is identified that prescription glasses are necessary, it is possible to get a pair that is perfect for an exact patient’s needs, both visually and aesthetically. The primary objective is to first, improve vision. This may require lenses to correct being nearsighted, farsighted or both. If someone has problems seeing far away but also cannot read up close, bifocals may be necessary to address the entire spectrum of vision challenges.

We offer all types of glasses in our clinic with lenses that are designed to provide solutions for whatever the vision problem may be. Various finishes can also be placed on the lenses themselves such as anti-glare or transition lenses that can be worn in the sunlight or indoors. This provides, even more, options to patients. From a stylistic perspective, there are numerous options to choose. Prescription glasses can come in designer frames that range from popular Ray-Bans to a new unaffordable line by Jennifer Lopez.

Various celebrities are producing glasses and making it possible for people to look more stylish than ever when wearing them. For anyone who is concerned with how they will look, it is best to come in and try on several types of frames. Selecting the one that is the right size and shape for a person's face is critical for ensuring that glasses actually improve a person's appearance, rather than detracting from it. In our clinic, we can also fit patients for their glasses to ensure they are secure and snug when worn.

Visit our clinic

Discover how a new set of glasses can improve your vision and appearance by visiting our clinic today.