An Optometrist Can Treat Serious Eye Health Problems

Posted on: January 13, 2017

EyeSome problems with eye health are more serious than others and as an optometrist, we can diagnose each one in turn. Regardless of whether a patient has poor vision or is suffering from a serious eye disease, we can treat the problem. Here is what you need to know about some of the more serious eye conditions.


When vision becomes cloudy, it can be due to cataracts. The lens of the eye needs to remain clear so it is unnatural for it to be cloudy on a regular basis. The reason for this is that the light which should be flowing through the eye becomes blocked by the cataract. It can also cause some of the halos that people see when looking at lights, though this is not the only cause of halos.

Since the halos take some time to form and do not necessarily hurt, it is important to visit when one begins to experience cloudy vision.


Glaucoma is a condition where too much pressure forms on the eye and consists of several diseases. The diseases all have a relation to eye pressure and are capable of damaging the nerves in the eye. We can normally treat it with regular eye care and drops, but sometimes surgery is also necessary.

Macular degeneration

A serious condition that can lead to eventual blindness, macular degeneration needs immediate treatment and regular treatment. Once diagnosed, the clock starts ticking for proactive care to prevent total vision loss.

The condition occurs due to a breakdown of the macula and has a variety of uncontrollable causing factors.

Diabetic retinopathy

Diabetes is a terrible health condition that can impact all areas of the body, including vision. When blood sugar levels are not kept under control, the blood vessels in the retina can become damaged. This can lead to poor vision and even blindness.


This condition makes focusing difficult but it can be treated. If a person has difficulty focusing, even while young, we often test for this condition.

Get help quickly

The key with any eye disease is to visit our optometrist office on a regular basis for examinations and treatment. Regardless of the cause of an eye condition, if it were to go untreated or undiagnosed, the chances of that condition becoming far worse are very high. Blindness is not something that anyone should march towards without a fight. There are so many treatment solutions available through modern medicine that we have numerous options to attempt before seeking more drastic options.

We cannot guarantee what the outcome of treatment will be but we are certain that with regular intervention it is possible for most people to maintain their vision, or at least limited vision throughout their lifetime.

We urge you to make an appointment at the first sign of blurred or worsening vision, eye pain, pressure or concerns that your vision is not what it once was. After an examination, we can let you know if you are facing a serious eye disorder or simply need to strengthen your prescription.