Dr. Michael Samuels Discusses Zenlens Scleral Lenses With ABB OPTICAL GROUP

Co-founder of NC Eye Associates and head optometrist at the Apex eye care location, Dr. Michael Samuels, OD was recently featured in ABB OPTICAL GROUP’s publication, The Profit Advisor. The following article is published in the First Quarter 2018 Edition … Continued

Things to Consider When Searching for an Optometrist

If you are in need of an optometrist, it is important to look for one that is going to meet all of your individual health needs. To that effect, know that all eye doctors should have received the same level … Continued

What Happens During a Contact Lens Exam

If you would like to improve your vision, call our clinic and schedule an appointment for a contact lens exam. Wearing contact lenses is an excellent way to begin to see the world around you clearly. With so many options … Continued

Signs You Need Prescription Glasses

If you have difficulty seeing as clearly as in the past, visit our clinic for an eye examination. You may benefit from wearing prescription glasses. Over time, the eyes change. With the number of electronic devices that people use on a … Continued

What is Involved in a Diabetic Eye Exam

If you have diabetes, call our clinic to schedule a diabetic eye exam. We perform them on a regular basis to ensure that there are no significant changes to the eyes. As with anything, early detection and treatment are important … Continued

The Importance of Retinal Imaging During the Comprehensive Exam

Patients are beginning to realize that it is important to have a comprehensive eye exam at least once a year. By scheduling an exam annually, patients¬†have found that they can catch and manage the early onset of many different eye … Continued

Reasons To Get An Eye Exam

It is important to get an annual comprehensive eye exam to detect any eye problems when they are most treatable, in the earliest stages. During this comprehensive exam, the optometrist is not only going to work to see if one's … Continued

What Causes Dry Eyes?

To understand dry eyes, it is important to first understand that they are caused by a lack of adequate tear production, increased evaporation of the tears or an imbalance in tears. Tears are a complex mixture produced by the body, … Continued

We Provide Pediatric Eye Care for Young Patients

Adults are not the only one’s who need professional eyecare. In fact, children as young as one year of age can benefit from receiving eye care on a regular basis. The sooner we treat a child’s vision, the better chance … Continued

There are Many Advantages of Wearing Progressive Lenses

Progressive lenses, which are also known as progressive addition lenses, progressive power lenses and graduated prescription lenses, are used in eyeglasses to correct presbyopia. They also correct a number of different conditions where these kinds of lenses can be beneficial. These … Continued