Prescription Glasses for Summer

Posted on: April 3, 2017

GlassSummer is almost here and now is a perfect time to start thinking about prescription glasses for sunnier weather. We love this time of year and so do many of our patients. Summertime can mean frequent trips to the beach, looking for shells on the Outer Banks and simply enjoying all that North Carolina has to offer. Whether out and about at your favorite festival or going for a hike, the sun will be shining and it is important to be able to see clearly.

For those who wear contacts, putting on sunglasses is all it takes to protect the eyes against sunlight. This is not the case for a patient that wears glasses. Glasses require investing in a prescription pair of sunglasses or wearing specialized glasses lenses. Fortunately, we have plenty of options to choose from and are happy to make a recommendation when you visit our eye doctor office. Here are some for you to consider now.

Transition lenses

Transition lenses are perhaps the most convenient solution. Transitional lenses are a great deal because the person can wear them inside and out. There is no need to switch frames and the transitions happen relatively quickly. People can wear the same glasses to work that one wears when taking a walk or spending time with friends at the beach.

These glasses simply transition the tint to protect the eyes in all light conditions. They are also far smoother than transition lenses of the past. Thus, the new transition lenses are much greater than in the past.

Prescription sunglasses

Prescription lenses can now be inserted into sunglass frames. This allows for patients to wear designer sunglasses that are highly fashionable but have a prescription. Your favorite designers now make it possible to look incredibly cool and feel that way while still being able to see.

This used to only be an option available to those wearing contact lenses or who had fantastic vision anyway. Now everyone can enjoy a pair of Ray-Bans, for example, and still see clearly. Anyone If planning for some beach trips this summer, need to certainly stop by our optometrist office to get a pair.


Good old-fashioned snap-on are still the preference of a few people. While it is not the most convenient option, we are happy to accommodate this request. Some patients prefer to snap a pair of sunglass shades over an existing pair of glasses.


If someone is tired of wearing glasses, there is an alternative to prescription glasses, contacts. We can examine the eyes and make a recommendation for contacts that can be an alternative to glasses. Whether one decides to switch to them permanently or keep some contacts in the house to wear, we are happy to assist him or her.

Visit our office

We recommend that you make an appointment as soon as possible so that we can prepare your eyes for the changing summer weather.